Spotting a good ‘Start-Up’

I have helped many budding entrepreneurs during those early exciting days when struggling to find their way as a start-up. Some don’t get past first engagement. For those individuals that do progress, my observation is they can roughly be divided into two groups. Those determined individuals that have the self-discipline to make it happen. And those with a good idea but without the commitment and understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

The focussed individuals, are eager to learn and to discover how and what they need to do to make it happen. Some are desperate to learn and maybe to discover from those who have experienced success. And some just want to get inside the problems and challenges they face and to discover the skills to succeed.

The other group have an idea for their business. But when I hear their story it misses out all of the things that require self sacrifice. In the majority of cases this will lead to an inevitable consequence, usually the failure to survive for very long, at least without some external help and usually this will only be a temporary solution.

The reality for a start-up

A start-up needs more that just a good idea to be a success. They also need the determination to win. A business idea will go through many iterations and very often ends up being something completely different. In my mind this is not a failure, finding that unique proposition is the challenge for all would be entrepreneurs, your difference is your strength.

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