UAV Market Opportunity

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CKT had identified an exciting opportunity to become a major supplier of key engineering systems to the fast growing unmanned air vehicle (UAV) market. This UAV market opportunity was seen as an ideal growth strategy building on their in-depth knowledge and engineering expertise gained from providing specialist exhaust and engine systems for major car and light aircraft brands such as Aston Martin, Britten Norman aircraft and Cosworth engineering.

Tim Piper, Director, attended the Innovation Programme looking to discover new ways that CKT could innovate and how they could learn new best practice techniques and approaches to improve their market access, positioning the company for growth and potentially future external investment.

Since attending the Innovation and Growth Programme CKT have developed their market plans, secured a new client and are now pursuing a major international contract and are in talks with a potential private investor.

Tim said ‘the event provided me with access to new ways of thinking in the world of business innovation that I am able to use every day. The networking with other like-minded people facing similar problems and challenges was very useful and has led to us now doing business with another company who attended providing them with a quality engineering solution for their hydro power business, overall an extremely beneficial experience.

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The Innovation Management & Growth workshops were managed by Devon & Cornwall Business Council in partnership with Devon County Council and delivered by Optimise4 Limited. These workshops were part of a wider pan – European project (the ATLANT-KIS project) which has been designed to provide practical support to Devon based SMEs, enabling business Owners and Directors of smaller organisations to access specialist knowledge and expertise that may otherwise have been out of their reach financially.



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