Market Entry Strategy for Mexico

Client requirements
The client had a proven product in the traffic management sector and had seen solid organic MP900403131growth in their home market of Spain for many years and were keen to try to expand into the Mexican market which was seen as having a similar culture and had identified demand for similar products. However after 5 years of trying were beginning to believe that this goal would not be achieved.

The company had already tried a number of entry strategies including market visits, trade fairs and contacting agents in the street signalling sector. One big challenge was to overcome their frustration of lack of progress having pursued what they felt were logical investments and to quickly identify a entry strategy that could deliver positive results.

Our first step was to work with the company to determine a market entry strategy underpinned by their Unique Sales Proposal, this process involved discovery and developing an enhanced proposition that appealed to players in the Personal Security market. This was achieved and the information was sent to our network of partners in Mexico for testing. They worked the market and found a well positioned partner in the Security Sector, with strong links into the private and the institutional sectors.

– A focused offer to the market with a clear Sales Manual
– An offer adapted to the Mexican market requirements
– 6 months later the Company was able to secure its first installation
– 5 Months after our collaboration the Company had received a number of requests for  estimates for the Institutions worth more than 2.5 M€
– The major installation and after sales support partners have been identified and recruited
– Now, one year later, the Company has a solid commercial and maintenance team in place
– They are now selling small projects each month and have been short listed waiting for a contract decision from a major infrastructure investment contract

After more than 5 years trying to enter the Mexican Market, the is now well positioned to realise significant growth

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