Innovation for growth

Mention the word innovation and many people may 122516406picture ‘Q’ for James Bond with a laser in his watch, or perhaps the latest iPhone or tablet. This ‘Super Hi-Tech Product Innovation‘ is really the tiniest sliver of the topic, and mostly belongs in the movies, or the anecdotes of ‘pop’ business text books.

The innovation for growth workshops relates to a much broader and realistic agenda, namely the challenges faced by business on a daily basis. In particular these workshops explore why innovation is the key to long term survival, and illustrates in details how innovation as a deliberate strategy can be grasped to not just survive but to grow and become the businesses that are leaders in their fields.

The innovation for growth programme explores innovation on a number of levels, including the company, its products and the markets they are selling into. It introduces business modelling a a must have skill for all leaders in the 21st century.

Attendees will:

  • Learn the value of innovation and how when mastered can become a winning strategy
  • Discover¬†how those organisations that embed the notion of innovation within their teams can outgrow the competition
  • Develop strategies for how to develop new winning products and services
  • Identify and practice innovation techniques that can be used immediately with their own organisation and rapidly realise positive benefits for the business
  • Receive a comprehensive workbook with examples of best practices, practical tools and techniques that can be taken back to the workplace and used with their teams
  • Develop their own plans for introducing innovation into their workplace

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