Grant Funding for Schools

Maximise your school’s potential by securing grant funding for schools
Securing additional grant funding can be a valuable resource for schools that are looking to invest in new skills, capabilities or can be a valuable resource for schools that are looking to invest in new skills, capabilities or resources and can make a real difference for their students and teachers.


The optimise4 grant training workshop is designed to raise the bid writing skills and capabilities of schools that have the vision and plans to really make a difference. The workshops draw on the specialist skills and knowledge of highly experienced bid writers and strategists, combined with a solid
understanding of the education system. These workshops are built around best
practice bid writing approaches and techniques, and are fully participative learning experiences, aimed at senior school business and commercial managers responsible for securing external funding.

The target audiences for these workshops are:

School Leaders; Business Managers; Senior Administrators and Support Staff

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Navigate the changing environment of educational grant funding
  • Learn how to produce a high quality bid that meets the requirements and is successful
  • Discover first hand the techniques used by top bid writers and what to avoid
  • Participate in a real hands on case studies to embed learning
  • Receive a comprehensive workbook with examples of best practices with tips and things to avoid

There is a range of school funding available to UK schools for a wide range of activities and projects including:

  • Developing schools staff
  • Capital investments such and improving or building new facilities
  • Sporting activities
  • Technology, e.g. Computers or renewable energy investments
  • Developing projects with international school partners
  • Community activities
  • Specialist teaching activities

There are many providers including:

  • The Lottery
  • Nesta
  • The UK Government and its Agencies
  • European Funding
  • Foundations and Charitable Trusts
  • Local Authorities and County Councils

A successful bid can provide schools with the vital resources required to help realise a school strategy. To learn more about these workshops and to find out if they are right for you follow the link below:

To find out more about how we can help you secure more contracts, follow this link and complete the form

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