Enterprise workshop for schools

Aimed at Teachers and Sixth Form Students, this full one-day enterprise workshop for schools is designed to complement individual school curriculum by complementing the models used within an individual school.

The workshop starts by building from a business blank canvas into exploring the areas of enterprise, namely markets, products and services and the resources necessary to make any enterprise a success.

Enterprise environment

The workshop engages the participants in exercises designed to explore enterprise by using a number of practical models that help to bring the theories of enterprise alive. These include understanding market rivalry as a means to determine the attractiveness of a market and how competition can be a catalyst for innovation.

The school enterprise workshop explores how product differentiation within a market can help to drive growth by using worked case study exercises, attendees get to experience first hand how businesses are formed and how their business models evolve to meet the needs of their target customers.

To find out how these workshops can benefit your school complete the enquiry form by clicking on the link below.

Enterprise workshop enquiry

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