Eco Challengers – Atlantic Glider

Tony Crossley is Director of Eco Challengers and a member of the team developing the Atlantic Glider High Efficiency marine vessel that they hope will help them return the Blue Riband and Hales Trophy to UK shores and also form the basis for a transformative new series of commercial marine vessels.

The innovative technology for the new hull form delivers the vessels an exceptionally fuel efficient passage through heavy sea conditions at high speed and exceptional passenger comfort, unachievable by conventional similar size marine vessels.

AG-pic-Hi-Res-red-270x120As the vessels hull form is scalable in size, it is aimed at a broad cross section of the commercial and private market both in the UK and abroad. In essence this is a low emission, efficient vessel type which has the potential to replace/transform marine transport and shipping as we know it today.

The early target market is the small work vessel, support delivery and medium island hopping ferry vessel and similar applications where conditions may prove challenging and the safe delivery of passengers is paramount.

Tony attended the Innovation and Growth Programme seeking to expand his knowledge of business innovation in the areas of market penetration. The Atlantic Glider innovation is ground breaking in many areas of marine design and finding new ways to realise the value of these innovations that will ultimately provide an on-going commercially viable business and benefit to the UK economy, was Tony’s primary aim.

Tony said, ‘the Innovation and Growth programme provided me with a complete range of new techniques and strategies that have been proven to work in high growth companies and a tool kit to help build our business to its full potential, a really good and valuable programme.’

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The Innovation Management & Growth workshops were managed by Devon & Cornwall Business Council in partnership with Devon County Council and delivered by Optimise4 Limited. These workshops were part of a wider pan – European project (the ATLANT-KIS project) which has been designed to provide practical support to Devon based SMEs, enabling business Owners and Directors of smaller organisations to access specialist knowledge and expertise that may otherwise have been out of their reach financially.

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