Context for Learning

Context for learning is a partnership between education and the world of work that provides a specific area of focus to improve the student readiness for the world of work by helping them to understand and contextualise their learning experience within a working environment.


Making the connections
Our approach is deliberately ‘teacher’ focussed, to enhance student understanding of how enterprise and entrepreneurs operate in the real world. It is our believe that this approach helps to create a repeatable model of learning that is realistically sustainable within today’s resource-constrained schools.

The value in signposting students towards areas that are of interest, by making real world business connections, has a powerful and long term benefit for schools, teachers and students, helping to support the challenge of maintaining a high quality and relevant future workforce.

By specifically focussing on teachers and providing them with access to a broad range of contextual case studies, teachers are able to draw on a database of rich applications that provide direct ‘world of work’ context to help them enrich subjects that can often be difficult to bring to life within a classroom.

By providing teachers with real-life ‘world of work’ context, we effectively create a sign-post to future skill needs. In this way, a connection between how educational learning is developed and delivered in today’s world can build and change as economies progress and innovations change the way we go about living our lives both as a society and in our working lives.

The world of work is constantly changing to reflect the economic landscape, driven by what seems to be an ever-increasing pace of globalisation and technological evolution. Educational systems will adapt and change to reflect these changes, and businesses will continue to develop their people and ultimately rely on education to prepare students for the world of work. Governments seek to address this need by influencing and changing the education curriculum, and schools will always respond by working hard to build education systems that provide high quality learning and qualified students.

The Optimise4 solution seeks to address this difficult balance by helping teachers to understand how their education systems can adapt to meet future challenges in an innovative and creative way.

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