Business Support Services

The Optimise4 Business Support Services are wide and varied, here are some examples:
A young business exploring how best to establish a solid business venture. The owners are searching for that critical business model, that will help them to acquire new customers, and a solid stream of revenue and profits.
An established business looking to expand, by bringing new products to its existing customers or expanding their existing products into new markets or sectors

Making the connections
Making the connections

A business that has a solid product or service that is stimulating demand and is now wishing to develop a growth strategy to take their venture to the next level, possibly requiring restructuring, acquisition or new investment
A Public Sector Organisation with access to funds for investing in the provision of a specific business support projects. For example, funding specialist interventions that support high growth businesses to formulate strategies that will result in improved economic performance and increased employment
A company faced with a ‘must win’ opportunity that will be transformative for their business
A well established business  with a solid track record of delivery and is now looking to improve their sales pipeline and need specialist business support to build or re-envigorate their sales and marketing capability
A company with a new innovation (product or service) that needs a launch strategy and perhaps external investment
A Business leader needing a trusted business advisor to help them formulate their strategies and help them to develop and implement effective business plans
Tailored training and development including targeted support and mentoring of key staff


If you recognise any of the above and would like to find out more, follow these links:

For case studies, follow this link

For an example of business innovation workshops tailored for businesses with high growth potential 

 To find out more and receive a free consultation, follow this link and complete the enquiry form

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