Business Transformation


To establish the attractiveness of and investment required, to achieve a ‘go-to’ market business transformation strategy for an internal business function under significant pressure to reduce costs. The department was identified as a potential growth unit and future profit contributor. Market analysis needed to be undertaken to establish the size and attractiveness of the Civil Aerospace Regional Jets technical services market and a business case and presentation prepared to support findings for senior management and stakeholders.

Research and data gathering was undertaken including interviews and surveys with internal and external stakeholders including current and future customers. Analysis of the competitor technical services offerings was undertaken particularly among those aircraft manufacturers operating within the regional jets sector. Data was collated and analysed using the company’s preferred industry standard tools and techniques to ensure alignment with the internal business planning system. A top level business plan was produced with initial estimates of investment requirements.

The analysis identified a market opportunity from both existing and new customers who were operators of company aircraft and had requirements for technical services. The analysis also identified that the unique intellectual capabilities placed the company in an ideal position to develop more effective and joined up solutions than those of the existing third party providers. The analysis had also quantified future long-term revenues which supported the recommendation to proceed with a full business planning exercise.

The management team had a solid evidenced business plan that would generate new business, reduce operating costs and provide customers with a comprehensive set of services superior to those being offered to the competition, providing the business with a clear and tangible market advantage.

Comments: ‘The team worked very closely together in difficult and challenging circumstances to leverage their knowledge of the industry sector and process required to produce a quality recommendation in the shortest possible timescales’

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