New Market Entry

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A software company based in the South West of England had seen strong organic growth in the UK Aerospace and Defence markets winning business with leading blue chip clients. Having recently secured a lucrative contract with the MoD the management team was keen to use this momentum to find new customers in the US.

The client’s challenge was to develop a new market entry strategy that would give them a foot hold in the US without having to invest significant funds and without stretching key resources too far and risking problems with its UK client base.

The O4 consultant was keen to explore with the management team potential market entry strategies and a workshop was held to explore options. The workshop produced ideas that were developed into a number of potential options. Each option was explored and tested to ascertain the most realistic achievable approach.

The identified strategy was pursued and developed over the next 12 months and eventually allowed them to overcome many of the difficult barriers into the US Defence market. They ultimately were able to secure a long term contract with a major Defence contractor to provide advanced portal technology for one of the world’s largest military aircraft programmes.

The O4 consultant was able to provide insight and market knowledge as well as facilitating the management team in their strategy development. This investment delivered a solid return providing the client with a route into one of the most challenging and rewarding markets.

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