Electronic Processing proposal

Client Requirement
The objective was to determine a winning bid strategy and create a proposal to convince the Bank to move their electronic processing services from their existing third party supplier to First Data. The client engaged Optimise4 to work with the Senior EMEA Business Development Team to define a value proposition and write a winning proposal within 3 weeks. 

Short timescales and a large, disparate team that spanned several countries contributed to making this a project that needed tight management and focus in order to succeed.

O4 worked closely with the team to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the incumbent, the vision and objectives of the Bank and to agree the key themes and messages that would run throughout the pitch. A detailed analysis of the buyers was also undertaken and a relationship map produced, from which a contact plan was established to ensure all key influencers were being addressed.

O4 ensured the First Data team had clear rolesawhCbhLqRceCdjcPQUnn_IMG_0249 and responsibilities within the proposal process and were committed to the timeframes and input required. A project manager was assigned to manage the critical path and run the daily progress calls. The proposal content came from the First Data team and was re-organised, focussed and re-written by O4, for sign-off by the First Data Executive.

Sonia worked with the team to produce a clear, concise proposal that articulated the value First Data presented to the client. The key themes were based on the insight the team had gained through building relationships with the key influencers and buyers. They addressed the areas of concern the Bank had with its incumbent supplier and also the vision the Bank had to gain significant market share in Europe.

The result was a winning proposal that offered;

  • Clarity around the value they would get for the cost, including how First Data proposed to help them meet their short and longer-term objectives for growth
  • Commitment to attractive service levels
  • Assurance of a low-risk move, through client endorsements and case studies of successful migrations
  • A detailed plan for migration
  • Attractive commercial terms
  • A strategy for business capture that would generate additional revenue streams from new and existing clients
  • A strong corporate identity that would present well to the market and create motivation and pride within the members

Sonia provided challenge and objectivity. She quickly brokered agreement within the team on the key messages and focussed their efforts on building relationships with the client and providing the necessary technical and commercial input for the written proposal. She helped the team identify and overcome the major challenges presented by the opportunity, the most important of which was the client’s perceived risk of migration which was overcome by a combination of the detailed migration plan, the clarity around the value and tangible benefits working with First Data could deliver and the reassurances from clients that had been through the process. Her writing skills ensured the document was well sign-posted, fluent, personal and highly tailored to the Bank.

Comments: ”Sonia has the ability to translate strategic concepts into a value based proposal and to transform information from multiple sources into coherent and persuasive writing. The work she did on this proposal was of the highest quality. She coached a junior member of our team through the proposal process and transferred valuable skills and knowledge. Sonia worked as a member of our team, bringing focus, direction and challenge. The end result is always a professional, clear and tailored proposal”.
Russell Jones, VP Strategic Sales, Financial Institutions, First Data International

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